Falls Prevention

Recognizing and reducing risks for falls.

Falls are one of the biggest reasons that most seniors lose their independence. Aside from the physical injuries a fall can cause, a lack of independence can hurt your loved one emotionally in addition to a negative impact on quality of life. Once a senior experiences a fall, they begin to avoid regular activities, such as daily walks or social outings. They worry about the possibility of suffering a fall again, thereby limiting their engagements, preferring to stay home in their safety zone.

At Peaceful Home, our goal is to prevent falls and injuries as they present significant challenges to the elder population. When it comes to falls, there are many risk factors that increase a person’s likelihood of falling. Falls among older adults are often due to a combination of internal and external risk factors. Each patient will have a falls assessment on admission. An individualized care plan will be implemented to reduce the risk of falls. Staff will regularly assess the patients living area for safety concerns.

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